How to Break a Wifi Password Without an Application

How to Break a Wifi Password - The internet cannot be separated from some people at this time. Especially in this day and age, everything is completely digital and sophisticated, both technology and gadgets require the internet. and now everywhere there are public wifi like parks and cafes.

 Actually, we can easily enter the neighbor's wifi without knowing the password, you can also break into using an application that is already widely available in the Google Play Store. But you also need to know that there is an easy way to break into WiFi passowrd without an application. yu consider the following way.

 How to Break a Wifi Password Without an Application

How to Break a Wifi Password Without an Application

Using IP Address Configuration

 The first way is to use an IP address. this method is used to break into a password using a modem from indihome with the network for example.

 First of all you have to activate your wifi on your laptop or smartphone. after active, you find any hotspot around you. usually the name is @ and then connect.

 Usually a popup will appear asking you to enter your username and password id and along with that a modifi network config mode page will appear.

 On this page you can type to If so, you just enter the browser and copy and paste the following ip http//: if successful then you will find the login page and you just enter the user password admin admin or user user.

 After that you enter the settings and search for Wlan to see the username and password.

 Using Command Prompt on a Laptop

 If you use a laptop, eating you will be easier than when you use a smartphone when trying to break into WiFi passowrd. With your first laptop you must first activate your wifi to find hotspots close to you.

 After that press Windwos + R and enter or type the word cmd then enter. then the black comandpromt screen comes out.

 After the screen comes out then type "netsh wlan show profiles" then press enter. after that will come out the name of the network that was connected with your laptop type the command "netsh wlan show profiles 'network name' key = clear.

 After you type it press enter. Then the account appears data from the network including the password. You can find the password in Key Content. you just need to enter the passowrd and you can connect again.

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