The Easiest Way to Overcome a Forgotten Laptop Forgot Password

How to Overcome a Forgotten Laptop Password - To protect important data on a laptop, one way that can be done is to lock it with a password.  Windows itself has the best locking feature available that you can use to protect your laptop from ignorant hands.  Besides being difficult to break into, setting a password in Windows is also fairly easy, even those of you who are beginners can do it.

 But sometimes we forget the password that is set on the laptop.  As a result, we can no longer access the laptop.  Take it easy, there are ways to overcome a laptop that forgets the password.  The way is very easy, you do not need the help of any tools to overcome them.  As for how to overcome laptops, forget the most powerful and easy password, you can see below.

 The Easiest Way to Overcome Laptop Forgotten Passwords

The Easiest Way to Overcome a Forgotten Laptop Forgot Password

 To overcome the laptop password forget there are at least 3 ways you can apply.  This method is the easiest, but effective for overcoming forgotten passwords.  As for the steps to overcome a laptop that forgot the full password, as follows:

 1. Try logging into Safe Mode

 Safe mode is generally used to detect various problems that occur on laptop devices.  However, those of you who forget your laptop password can also use this Safe Mode.  Here are the steps:

 The first step you enter into Safe Mode.  The trick is to make sure the laptop is off or inactive, after that try to turn on the laptop again.  When booting, you rush to press the F8 key before the laptop enters Windows.

 Later you will enter the Advanced Boot Options screen.  Next you point the selection to the Safe Mode menu, then press the Enter key.  The laptop will automatically display Safe Mode, now you enter the Administrator option.

 After the screen displays the full Safe Mode, then you click on the Start Menu and select Control Panel.

 On the Control Panel page in Safe Mode you select User Account.

 Then click the Manage Another Account option, then select the account for which you want to change the password.  To change the account password, you just click the Change the Password option.

 You will be asked to enter a new password.  Repeat the same password in the password confirmation column.

 If so, now continue by clicking the Change Passowrd button.


 Now you have successfully changed your laptop password, then restart the laptop.  When the laptop is turned on, now you enter the new password that was created earlier.

 2. Login with an Administrator account

 This method can be applied if you can enter the main screen of Windows, but forget the password that is used.  For complete steps, as follows:

 The first step you click on Start Menu, then in the search field type the command lusrmgr.msc and press Enter.

 The screen will automatically display the Local Users and Groups menu.  On that page you click the User option.

 A list of Windows accounts will appear.  In the account that forgot the password, you do right click then select the Set Password menu.

 You will be asked to create a new password.  If so, continue by clicking OK.

 3. Make use of Hiren's Boot CD

 How to deal with laptops that forgot the last password by using Hiren's Boot CD.  This method can be used as an alternative if indeed the two previous methods have not succeeded in overcoming the problem of forgetting the password.  The steps are complete, as follows:

 The first step you need to download the Hiren Software.  Then, burn Hiren onto a CD or DVD.

 Now try inserting the CD or DVD containing Hiren's software into the laptop's CD Room.

 Restart the laptop, then boot to the CD or DVD.

 You just need to follow step by step displayed by Hiren.

 That was a few ways to overcome laptops forget the most powerful and easy passwords you can apply.  Hopefully the information above is useful.

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